Yarn bombing – (don’t) dodge the guerilla knitters

I chanced upon a little slice of happiness as I was walking in the heart of Melbourne last week.  As I was contemplating my left foot’s growing blister (damn you $10 shoes!) and no band aids to hand – I happened to look up and see a wonderful forest of crocheted and knitted sleeves on the trees.  Ah, instant pain relief – I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face.  Thank you for this delightful opiate yarn bombers!

.. just part of a colourful forest in Melbourne's CBD
.. just a few trees in the colourful forest
a gayly clothed tree
a gayly clothed tree


  1. Ha! These are great! Unexpected rays of colour in the Grey City. Better get comfy shoes Cath, coz I think you might be trudging round every spare moment now, lookin for your next fix!


    1. Fabulous news! Your work really is outstandingly good compared to many I have seen. Do you have any sister guerilla groups around the Perth area I can visit for some yarn bombing awesomeness? Even if you don’t I shall keep a keen eye out regardless!


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