Husky fur – a felter’s tale

How to felt dog fur. A while back a friend, who has a very human-like husky called Cairo, kindly gave me some of his dog’s fur, which I tried felting at home as it is such a fabulous fibre.  I didn’t have much luck though.  My next project for Cairo’s fur was to have it spun into a yarn, knit it up THEN felt it.

Knitting it

I decided to try knitting it using one of my favourite patterns, these sweet entrelac in-the-round knitted bags. The fur knitted a very dense, fluffy, soft, thick, albeit heavily canine-scented – pouch. Even though the stitch definition on the little bag is unclear – I wanted to see if the yarn could stand the ‘pressures’ of this knitting type, which it did.

unfelted entrelac fob - husky
pouch opening is near numbers in orange of measuring tape.
top view of fob
pouch opening – cast on row was in Corriedale before switching to Cairo’s yarn

Felting it

I rubbed, scrubbed, rolled, shocked, pummeled and flung that little bag within an inch of it’s life!  Though it did shed a lot of it’s fibre – mainly on my hands, clothes, bathroom, pavers, outside tables etc.  – it only got, at best, negligible shrinkage.

felted Cairo pouch - outside
shape became more cylindrical after felting
felted Cairo pouch - inside
the walls have lost a lot of their thickness

Finishing it

I  am rather chuffed with the end result and think the next Cairo project is to knit a tea cosy then felt it, as it is so very soft and dense – and a great talking point.  Comparing the the 2 smaller pouches knitted in 8ply with Cairo’s yarn, it does have a lot more ‘oomph’!

completed pouches
Cairo’s pouch ends up being about 30% larger than the other 2 pouches (all 3 made on the same needle size)




  1. haha i had to laugh at this cath esp your ‘canine-scented’ remark. the idea is pretty ewww! but what a cute lil pouch! i love the more ‘mainstream’ ones u knitted me last chrissy (i’m using them to store or carry jewellery in) a tea cosy in cairo fur would be outrageous!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thx Trishy! I reckon it would make a really cool teacosy – not that I shall be doing it very soon, due to fibre shortage (gasp!). Shall put it on the back burner with the multitude of other possible projects – that keep on waiting …


  2. Wow Cath, that canine fur is gorg! Sad you have a “fibre shortage” coz I’m dreaming of a Cairo onesie with hood for those frosty Karuah nights 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You are a pirate hoard of information-treasure Cath!
    Love love the link to Colossal, so many meticulous original works, so many wonderful mind-bogglers! And the TEDx talk by Carrie Green had sincere tips for success in real life, given thru the lens of her huge personal entrepreneurial experience. Motivating!
    Eye candy AND mind protein thankU Cath


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