Textiles are (actually!) mooven

Textiles are currently … on the move! Yay!! It’s taken an awful lot of years – dreaming, hoping and planning. Now, after many fabulous lunches and dinners with wonderful friends, (too!) many very early morning house cleaning sessions – making our (previous!) home ready for our tenants, we’ve FINALLY hit the road!

The traveling begins
The traveling begins ..

Currently we’re in Carisbrook and will be moving off to Mildura within the next day or so. By crikey the weather is rather on the chilly side here – thank heavens the van’s got a heater. Unfortunately trying to make your husband leave the warm bed to turn it on for his wife’s enjoyment in the freezing mornings – is not an easy task. Waking up to birdsong instead of traffic and railway crossing bells is wonderful though.

And time passes in a flash! The days seem to separate into ‘before lunch’ and ‘after lunch’ chores. Often it doesn’t even matter if you miss your before or after lunch deadline – as there will always be another one tomorrow, and you answer to no one except, occasionally (and when you’re in a good mood), to your husband. Aaaahh, yesss, there will be many hours of craft coming up for me – heaven!!!

The only tricky part is trying to get internet access .. so if you do email, and there is a delay in my response where you’re probably thinking ‘good heavens, why on earth can’t she just reply – it’s not like she’s working or anything!’. It will be due to lack of interwebber connectivity, so please be a little patient with his retiree.

With warm wishes to everyone – from the chilly Victorian gold fields!



  1. Its so good to hear from you and you are finally on the move. Keep the posts up and tell ralph from me to get out of bed and turn the heater on and to make you brekky at the same time! !! All the best maria🐕


      1. Yeah! just had confirmation that I have 3 weeks from sat 11 th July to sun 2nd August so looking forward to catching up in Kal!


      2. Fantastic!  Look forward to seeing you soonish!!

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        From:”Textiles on the move” Date:Wed, 3 Jun, 2015 at 7:28 PM Subject:[Textiles on the move] Comment: “Textiles are (actually!) moooven”


  2. Well praise the Lord n pass the Travacalm!- Cath has finally been released into the Wild! You so brave, armed with just a few knitting needles, a teeny tiny spinning wheel and a minimal underwear selection. Yay! I look forward to you textileing me while yr on the move xxxx

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