Streaking into a craft shop!

Streaky Bay, a beautiful little place on the South Australian coastline.  If you are a lover of craft – as this blogger is – it’s well worthwhile visiting, especially the Eyre Craft Shop.  Sadly, shops selling locally made crafts are dying out, so for me to come upon this gem was wonderful.  They have knitted, tatted, sewn, woodwork and even a bit of metalwork items on offer here.  Quirky products like ‘Grow Your Own Tractor’ in kit form – or bags of interesting seeds for jewellery making make this little shop a standout.  I bought this beautiful example of tatting, sweetly stuck to a small card with matching envelope.

Sweet tatting detail on a card

Luckily for me a lady from the local library came donating older magazine editions when I was there.  Both myself and the lady running the shop dived for the Homespun magazines.  In our opinion the best crafting magazine on the Australian market.  So I was doubly chuffed to score 2 of them for only 50 cents each!  Yay for me!!

So if you are ever down this way do pop in, as I’m sure the ladies would love to have a chat and you could well come out with some wonderful stuff!!



  1. I remember serving you and was impressed to have a customer who appreciated good workmanship. Thanks for leaving your “card”…we appreciate that you appreciate how hard
    we try to remain a local craft shop, selling only local crafts……Ailys


    1. Thanks kindly Ailys, I was very happy to see such an array of crafts for sale – all locally made, and the ladies behind the counter so approachable and interested in keeping local crafts alive. Sadly these shops are very few and far between!


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