The frustrated and injured crafter!

Crafting is best performed with 2 working hands and 10 working fingers.   Extreme frustration can arise if one is temporarily impaired – like me,  damn it!


It started with an avocado tempting me with its delicious, smooth,  creamy flesh – just ripe to perfection.   Sliced in half with my newly sharpened knife, also currently my favorite one being a short, sharp paring one.  Taking the half still bearing the stone in hand, I thought momentarily perhaps I should remove it using the long knife cutting across the stone.  No, I’ll just stab it with this paring one.   As blood poured from the base of my middle finger due to the deep gash I’d inflicted when the knife slid off the stone and into my hand, I indeed regretted my paring knife decision.

It doesn’t rain much around Kalgoorlie, and we’d camped on the red dirt over 100km from it.  However when a stressed husband is navigating slippery, boggey dirt roads at speed to get his self lacerated wife to the Emergency Dept in record time it can be quietly thrilling.

As this is the first time I’ve been to hospital since being born – I thought the whole outpatient episode quite interesting.  From waiting in the Emergency department seeing all manner of people from all walks of life, in all states of dress (or undress) to the quietly assertive proficient staff dealing with the patchwork of disabilities.  As I’d managed to sever a nerve in my hand, I had to fly to Perth the next morning for specialist plastic surgery repair.  At this point I also considered if the surgeon might do a little extra surgery face lift-wise at the same time, but thought it may be a bit too much to ask for the public hospital system to accommodate this aspect.

Perth’s Fiona Stanley hospital is absolutely enormous,  and for a first time hospital goer an absolute wonder.  There was a large mall – type coffee and eating strip, as well as cafes dotted in different positions around the huge campus.  Volunteers were there to assist the clueless and provide directions on where to go and how to get there.  I now understand time is a very flexible commodity in hospitals.  If you ask how long something will take – don’t, as you are setting yourself up for disappointment.   Try to relax and go with the flow as changing schedules are an hour to hour/minute to minute inevitability.   Trust me on this.

Unfortunately I couldn’t quickly be fixed at this enormous hospital, so had to make my way to Fremantle Hospital via public transport.  Perth use a MYKI system, which seems much further advanced than the Melbourne one.  I happily rode the bus down to Fremantle, booked into a pub which I think had not long opened after Australia’s discovery, for overnight accommodation.  Pub food was FABULOUS.

Next morning I made my way the short distance to the hospital.  The English surgeon said my injury was a very common one and had actually presented on this injury type to her London peers.  She noted that Londoners received this laceration with avocado stones whilst those patients up on the Scottish border received the same injury whilst prying apart frozen burger patties.   I thought this an interesting commentary on the social divide of identical hand gashes!

My nerves has now been microsurgery-ed back together,  with full feeling to return in 12 to 24 months (!!!)

I’m still working on what craft I can do one handed other than sketch.   So if anyone has any suggestions I would be REALLY, REALLY happy of hear from you!!

Note:  plastic surgeon recommends removing avocado stones with a spoon.

With healthy wishes to all,

Cath xx



  1. OMG! What a debacle. Wow! you have seen the insides of two hospitals in 50 years. Hope you are coping with this injury with dignity. I think you are just going to teach Ralph to sew.

    Thinking of you. xx

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  2. wow cath. bummer. on an earlier post someone commented that you could write if u couldn’t craft. xlent advice! (typing might be slow. ditch the capitals and use txt speak is my advice) sounds like you had an experienced doctor. what luck! thankfully you can work on other skills eg drawing and possibly cooking! (using spoons only!) and maybe driving? post again soon and tell us how you’re doing. xxx

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  3. Dear Cathy, Delighted to receive your travelogue this morning, so sorry about your injury, I really hope you get full use of your hand again very soon. I suppose the only good thing about the episode is it’s one way to see our beautiful country by land – not sea, and air and being able to research the various hospitals emergency departments is always good for future reference. So Cathy please take care with no more accidents. Love Shirley

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  4. Oh no You need to watch out for avocado I do believe they are dangerous. You will have to read lots of craft magazines and plan all those crafty things for when your hand is on the mend. In the meantime write lots on your blog. Xx Meryl

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    1. Thanks for kindly following my rantings Meryl! I think you’re right, I’ll just have to convalesce by putting my feet up and read craft magazines whilst intermittently refreshing my gin and tonic or (trying to) get my husband to!


  5. Poor Cath! Can I just delicately inquire if there may perhaps have been a small G & T involvement before this shocking avocado assault?. I recall that the G & T factor was quite high during the Jack Nicklas V plane propeller fight a few years ago.. No judgment!
    Silver lining is that now one of your knitting tentacles is dodgy, the resulting lack of action might force up some creative sparks. Maybe you could throw back a few G & Ts, get Ralph to serve you some hot bread from the camp oven, meditate on the view, and then brainstorm a new crafty technique for us to try! C’mon Cath -artists thrive on pain so don’t waste this great opportunity for the rest of us ok. Love deb xx

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    1. What a fantastic response FG! Yes, u r absolutely correct that I should now cook up something marvelous and not waste this opportunity .. actually have a couple of things on the go as we speak!! Interesting that you mention those G & Ts as possible involvement into the cause of my current handy dilemma – Jack Nicklas style – perhaps you are not too far off the mark, damn it! Pls stay tuned, some interesting crafty stuff is coming up!


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