Bush Bunting

Bunting definition:  small flags strung together, often gaily coloured, generally used as a decorative accessory to a celebratory occasion.

I’m currently traveling around the West Australian outback and wondered how I could photograph the magnificent landscape to include some crafty aspect.  Then I recalled my very first post on this blog about the guerilla knitting I happily chanced upon in Melbourne, and thought why not create a bit of Bush Bunting to hang in the arid countryside.  So I did, embossing each gaily coloured pennant with a kiss, a cuddle or a heart, so there was a bit of loving flapping in the outback breeze.

Magnificent feral goat skull - bunted!
Magnificent feral goat skull – bunted!
Old fence posts - bunting-ed up!
Old fence posts – bunted up!

Another place very well deserving of bunting – though (sadly) I’ve never seen it – is on prams.  The biggest celebration I can think of is the birth of a child. Therefore it makes perfect sense to put bunting all over a pram – sending a happy message to the community at large upon them seeing the extravagantly decorated baby transport.

So dear readers, for the sake of all those babies who should be celebrated with pennants flying from their little carriages as they are proudly strolled along streets by their parents/grandparents/aunties etc. please knit some bunting for them!  It’s no penance to knit a pennant!

Cath’s Bush Bunting, created exclusively for babies on the move, harking from the stunning West Australian gold fields … ta daaah!!

Bunting in the breeze
Bunting in the breeze
Gaily coloured happiness
Gaily coloured happiness

I shall post the Bush Bunting patterns on Ravelry.com when I work out how ..

Warm regards,


PS:  hand is recovering well, assisted by knitting exercises



  1. yay! nicely bunted cath. espesh love that goat skull (mit bunting!), did u stash it in the van? (xlnt garden deco when u back to civilisation.) love the idea of people bunting their prams, really nice.xxx

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  2. You are a marvel Cathy, I love the colours and the idea is equally fantastic. Great to see that you can still create after your injury , the photography’s not so shabby too!

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  3. An interesting idea cath -I’ve never seen knitted bunting before anywhere. It looks like you’ve put a LOT of hard work on the design front into this, with the lil heart patterns etc. Is the connector “string” french knitting? Hahah you’ve Bunted Up the Outback! Hope you kept that goat skull with magnifique horns coz it’s worth 300 or 400 bucks on the collectors market!

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    1. Hi Deb, glad you liked the Bush that’s been bunted up! Just a little treat for my own pleasure as the landscape colours (except sunsets) are not at all vivid. Excellent spotting with the ‘string’ Deb. Yes, it is almost identical to french knitting – well done!! Are skulls really worth that much?! Man, there’s a fortune going begging on the ground out here then!


  4. Hi Cathy, Love the bunting and also think it would look great in baby prams. I may give it a go. I’m knitting headbands atm. Good old blackberry stich. I will SMS you a pic. Glad your hand is recovering. CHEERS.

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