Knitting and felting (it)

On a recent hand therapy trip to Perth I chanced upon a fabulous yarn and quilting supplies’ shop in Subiaco.  The young sales assistant told me of a bag she’d recently knitted then felted using Cleckheaton’s ‘California’ 8 ply wool.  So I bought a couple of balls, not quite sure where it would lead me, as I hadn’t done an awful lot of knitting then felting.  Well, dear readers, since then I’ve been knitting and felting like a woman possessed.

trio of knitted/felted objects in different stages of completion
trio of knitted/felted objects in different stages of completion

I’d always wondered about needle size to felting comparisons, finally, my wondering is now satiated – at least with this yarn!    I tried different needle sizes (3.25mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 10mm) using the same number of stitches and rows for each swatch.  Result: for me, the 6mm had maximum felting and the 3.25mm the least.   The resulting weight and drapability/flexibility of each swatch made the whole (usually tedious) test process – a joy!  I’ve even embarked on a large-ish piece of orange knitted/felted experimentation .. if it works I’ll share it with you next time (she says with fingers crossed whilst knocking on wood).

5 swatches for Cleckheaton's California 8ply yarn
5 felted swatches of Cleckheaton’s ‘California’ 8ply yarn

Being on the road really is good fun, especially with a billion star accommodation each night, except when it’s overcast, and now the beautifully delicate West Australian wildflowers are emerging.  I do, however, miss my friends – and especially both my sisters.  So, using my new felting comparison knowledge (yay!), I thought I’d create something that reminded me of us – 3 peas in a pod.  This little pod is now a dangling accessory to my handbag – rabbit’s foot style.  But small comfort compared to the real thing.

65mm long pod with 3 green peas (secretly!) attached
65mm long pod with 3 green peas (secretly!) attached

So, until next time dearest crafty readers, please wish me success with my big orangey experiment as I wish you success with whatever you’ve currently got craftily going on as well!

Many warm regards


PS:  hand therapy is going very well – assisted by current knitting/felting frenzy

PPS:  if you’d like to knit/felt my podded peas – just let me know and I’ll send you a copy of the pattern



  1. awww! so cute cath. you and the peas-in-a-pod. glad your therapy is going well. i reckon you’ll have hands n arms like a wrestler soon with all your crafting activity. we miss you too and you can have a break from your holiday and visit any time you know! xxx ps thanks for the card and card! so kind of you lil cath. xxx

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    1. You are right Trish – I shall be having Arnie-style arms very soon!! Glad you liked the well-deserved card, and good to know that I can have a break from my holiday – with a side holiday – anytime. Thanks Trishy!! xxxx


  2. Hi Cathy you always come up with good ideas on how to use the new yarn that you come across. Also it’s really great to know that your finger can and is working okay. You mentioned the wild flowers that will be everywhere now, I was wondering if the colour you chose was related to the flowers you had seen. Thanks for keeping us updated with your crafty exploits I always look forward to and enjoy them very much, missing you too Simone xxxx

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    1. Hi Simone! The wildflowers are currently in maroons, pinks and purples – and the carpeting is just magnificent – you would love it!! I’d also love to see what you’ve been up to lately if you’d like to send me some pics – I’d be an even happier crafter!! xxxx


  3. Hi Cath
    I love “peas in a pod”. If you need someone to shell them- Peter is your man! He loves shelling peas (let’s not go there!) glad to hear your hand is improving. I’m looking forward to seeing the orange creation.

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  4. Hi Cath,

    I’ve been meaning to reply to your lovely emails for some time. Was so sorry to hear of your hand disaster, but very pleased to know the healing process is coming along well. You have been doing some wonderful crafty creations and making improvements to the Aussie landscape! Enjoy the beautiful wildflowers, which I am sure will be an inspiration for more projects.

    Warmest regards,



    1. Hi Jenny,
      Thanks so much for emailing – it’s really lovely to hear from you and am so glad you like my blog. Yes, luckily my hand’s ok, I would’ve gone bananas if I couldn’t do any craft. Have you been doing anything of a crafty nature lately? If so I do hope it works out fabulously! With many warm regards to you and Wallace.


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