G’day Viewers (Paul Hogan always used to open his tv show back in the 1970’s with those words – amused me even back then, when I was a wee lass ..)

Cue, Western Australia, only has a population of around 300, and it takes about 7 hours to drive here in a north easterly direction from Perth.  Oddly, the 31st American president, Herbert Hoover, was a former Cue shire president, which goes to show great things can happen to anyone – no matter where they’ve lived.

There are some great touristy things to do here – not to mention being blessed with an absolute plethora of stunning wildflowers when they are in season.  The Walga Rock, Uluru’s little sister, lies about 50 km away in a beautiful setting boasting indigenous rock art as well as lots of native fauna lounging around in the shade to escape the heat.

Husband trekking towards the gallery of aboriginal rock art at Walga Rock
Husband trekking towards the gallery of aboriginal rock art at Walga Rock

But I was here for another reason.  A weekly meeting that takes place on a Tuesday from high noon to 3pm in a cool, high ceilinged, rejuvenated old building, now housing the Tourist Information Centre.  Yes, the Cue Craft Group – woo hoo!!  I was extremely happy to come across this rarity in the outback.  I made some scones to take along and set off from the caravan park to the Cue Resource Centre, just a hop, skip and jump away.

Lauren modelling her crocheted multi-coloured headband with front wrap
Lauren modelling her crocheted multi-coloured headband with crossed front
Annie enjoying a quiet cuppa
Annie enjoying a quiet cuppa

I’m always early, and Tuesday was no different.  Pauline on reception kindly showed me to the room and offered me a coffee, where we chatted about what brought her to Cue – she is originally from England, while filling in time for the other ladies to arrive.  Lauren arrived next, bringing a bag of lovely multicolored crocheted headbands she’d made.   Having made many a scone in her time, Lauren kindly offered me some scone-improving advice so my next batch should be fantastic.

Small wildflowers envious of the showy big one
Small wildflowers envious of the showy big one

Annie also came with her granddaughter in tow, and started knitting a beanie for Josephina, the doll Annie had collected many, many years ago.  Ruthie, the local coordinator/supervisor for the Cue community also chatted with our group.  Ruthie organizes a monthly sausage sizzle and tourist information at the caravan park, as well as community activities such as Thai Chill Zen Fit classes, swimming and family cricket matches.

Ruthie - Coordinator extraordinaire
Ruthie – Coordinator extraordinaire

As you can see, even for such a small community, there’s lots going on – so if you do happen up this way, drop in (especially to the Craft Group) and have a wonderful stay.


A carpet of wildflowers in an abandoned hotel
A carpet of wildflowers in an abandoned hotel

Have a fabulous day.




  1. Hey Cathy , your little craft group get together in Cue sounds like it was a real bonus . The women look very nice and I’m sure they had a few interesting stories to tell. I’m wondering what you took with you to work on, or is the cupboard that bare? The wild flowers are just amazing, thank God for the digital era! Xxxx Simone
    P.s. I was going to ask the question about if the meeting was held in Cue Central or in Faar Cue, but I don’t think I will ?!, Cheers ……

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  2. Hahaha!! Damn it – I wish I’d thought of that joke while writing this post .. and doubt whether I’ll get that joke opportunity again!! The ladies were very welcoming, I even tried to teach knitting to the young lass that came along with Annie, but I don’t think she’ll take it up. Probably due to my complicated teaching style. I do hope you’ve found some time for your own crafty endeavors though Simone.
    Love, Cath xxx


  3. what a beautiful place cath. i love that rock! i didn’t know there was a smaller ‘uluru’ type of rock. great pics. the ladies look cool and i laughed at the person telling you a better scone recipe so u can do better scones nxt time u take them…crakt me up. loving the photos. xxx

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    1. Trish! Yes, that is a fabulous rock – really similar to Uluru, about 8 kms around its base with lots of rock art. We didn’t climb it, being a pair of fatties that ate too many flat scones. However, now I’m in the know, no more flat, tasteless scones! With the hotter weather now, the flowers are fading, so I’m looken forward to hitten the coast!


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