My yarn has ended

Dear Reader(s?)

Yes.  All feltable Noro Kureyon yarn has been knitted and felted leaving me with *sniff* only acrylic!!

Here is what I did with the last of it – a total of 6 egg (accessorized) men.  I am most pleased with my riveted horned viking helmet and jeweled crown knitted in copper wire.  And the robber’s mask – that didn’t turn out too badly either.  However this mask was taken from the fabulous crocheted ninja egg cosy here – some people make such wonderful things.

Egg men tribe
While on an eggy theme, I chanced across this story on West Australians winning an international prize for unboiling eggs.  Hmmm, apparently it does have benefits for the sciencey community.  Not sure for every day living though …

Finally, there is no reason to ever stop knitting – ever!  I posted on yarn bombing a while back now, and recently came across this great guerilla knitter story.  And it keeps you young – who’d believe this lady is 104 years old??  And make a statement installation in your local street while you’re doing it.  Here’s proof.

Grace Brett – never too old to rock the local streetscape

So, dearest viewers, keep those needles clacking – you’ll not only be looking super cool, but young as well!!

With fond regards,





  1. Hey Cathy, sorry that you have no more yarn left what is going to happen now? Hopefully that ‘Big town’ is just around the corner so you can invest in some more fun/ therapy! The cosys are all just delightful. I wish I could have a favourite, but I have tried and can’t .They are all equally as interesting and smart looking, you are a marvel. This will be the time to utilise and create in your mind what the next projects will be. Depending on how long you go without yarn between your fingers, the expectations will be greater! But no pressure, be good and get thinking ,Simone xxxx

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    1. Simone, you are indeed a very kind Commentor! I need to ponder my next textiley projects. I could get the spinning wheel out from under the bed, or use my fabulous merino fibre to do a bit of sculptural wet felting. Aaaahhh, it’s lovely just thinking about it. But I didn’t receive my Procrastinator Queen’s title for nothing – actually, I think I probably did! I am hoping the Geraldton township can come through with some great yarn though.


  2. Hi Cathy
    Looks like you and Grace would make a formidable duo! Knitted sculptures on lamp posts in Geraldton perhaps?
    On a practical note, what are you going to do with all these marvelous pieces you are creating? Set up a stall in the caravan park? Or are you going to keep them all? (Is the van big enough?!!)
    Questions to ponder whilst travelling to Geraldton!
    Very impressed with the upgraded site.
    Take care and travel safely.

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    1. Hahaha – I like your thinking Helen! I’ll have to check out what’s currently adorning Geraldton’s signage – and perhaps leave a little bit of (acrylic) sculpturage! If anyone in the Caravan Park shows any desire for these frivolous objects they are very welcome to them. Cost: must follow my blog and subject themselves to my textiley rantings!


  3. I hahah a robber egg cosy! And a weensy egg crown.ohhhh darlin. I agree with Simone – I can’t pick a favourite either. Theyre all such fun. I think you should enter them in a local Show that you know that you’ll be coming up to on your travels.
    And you did it with flies in your eyes n dust in your hair too.amaze . xx

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