A tooth pick-knitted fob

Dear readers,

We are currently here:

It’s a lovely spot, very touristy.  Yesterday we stopped at Port Gregory, where I put the finishing touches to my fob in front of this view.  Yes, I’m living the charmed life!

Port Gregory's view from the car park
Port Gregory’s view from the car park

Just a couple of kilometres away was this fabulous pink lake with birds pecking along its shores.

A pink lake - that's even pinker in reality (ie. photographer not very good)
A pink lake – that’s even pinker in reality (ie. photographer not very good)

Fob project

I often wear a little fob which is in the shape of a robot.  Sadly, with age, my eyesight is not what it was.  So, after accidentally cracking its face I thought it was about time to get a watch that was easier to see.  Target came through with the goods of a $3 watch, and I thought ‘one day, when I’m sick of squinting, I’ll get around to making this into my new fob watch’.  So, 3 years later I decided last week to do it as an ‘inbetweener’ project.  You know, those little ones you do in between or alongside those big ones. Procrastination is, unfortunately, my strong point.  Needless to say the battery has run out and the closest battery shop is about 200 kms away.  Bugger.  Shall have to squint a little while longer.

Sweet robot fob vs large faced cheap watch face - with beaded knitting between [5th experiment]
Sweet robot fob vs large faced cheap watch face – with beaded knitting between [5th experiment]
I thought it would be a quick, easy, couple of hours’ project at best.  It turned into a 5 day marathon.  4 times I frogged those stitches [knitting slang for ‘undo’ – I promise I didn’t make up that term].  But I carried on.  Knitting on toothpicks is quite easy once you get used to it – but best done in sunlight whilst wearing strong magnifying glasses.  Besides if you break one needle, there’s 198 more close to your (multiple pricked) fingertips.  Safety tip:  ensure sunlight does not pinpoint through glasses and ignite your project.

Checking knitted length before adding beads - 3rd experiment
Checking knitted length before adding beads [3rd experiment]
Before leaving Melbourne I picked up some fabulous yarn from Dairing, as they stock some really interesting, quirky sorts – mainly Japanese.  The one I used for my fob was silk wrapped stainless steel – a fine yarn and, as I knitted in stocking stitch, I could flatten out the sides to prevent it rolling back on itself (because of the metal).  Sadly, I had to apply some super glue to the stitches on the fob’s D ring as they tended to bunch up in one corner, wrecking my symmetry.  I reckon as soon as I get a battery for it – I’ll be looken pretty cool whilst wearing it!  … even though there’s only 12mm of (fabulous!) knitting showing on my (rather large) left hip.  Aaahhhh, but the satisfaction of actually finishing something that will (soon) be useful is sweeeettt!!

With many best wishes for finishing your projects before the end of the year; or if not, there’s always next year ..




  1. what a lovely little thing cath and what a diligent lil worker u are. that yarn is amaze!
    you know what else is amaze, that pink lake! can u swim in it? why is it pink? love to ralph n boo. xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks kindly for liking it Trishy. The lake is pink due to a specific algae (apparently also used in food colouring) trapped in the salt crystals. I suppose you could swim in it – there was a heavily salt encrusted branch in the water, so am thinking a heavy Catherine would probably be quite buoyant also! Hope you guys are also well and happy on the Eastern coastline.


  2. Hey Cathy the fob is fantastic! You do have the type of patience only reserved for good people. We must do that trip to Japan ‘one day’ they have such an array of interesting and beautiful materials. You be good, take care and love to all 🎅🎄🎁🐶

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Simone! I’m really happy with how it (eventually!) turned out too. Yes, Japanese products are so well made with a wonderful quirkiness to them. I’d still really love to go and see the fantastic textile stuff they have on offer. Love back to all you guys 🍨🍵🍰🍕🍗🐾


  3. Your mad fob “chain” is weirdly coolio, lil Cath. Very individual and unique! I havnt noticed it before, but how come I have never seen FOBS FOR LADIES? I may need one now. Silk wrapped stainless steel knitted on Lilliputian needles!? – I DO need one. Stat!! Xxxxx


    1. FG, you’re always so very kind to me – thank you!! I was very happy it finally werked – and didn’t need to use the super glue in the end to ensure its stability on the D ring. I knitted a little cable up one of the experiments but unfortunately it could hardly be seen so undid that and just knitted a couple of beads on it instead. Thanks again Deb!!! Xxxxxxxxx


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