Goodbye Gero; hello Finn

Soon we’ll leave the sea side town of Geraldton, Western Australia, which has been really memorable for a few reasons:

  1. Roadside fruit and veg stands where you get wonderful fresh seasonal produce cheaply using honesty boxes.   These are as rare as hens teeth in the eastern states.  It’s great that people are much more trusting over here.

    Roadside stall selling tomatoes
    Tomatoes aplenty – and only $1!!
  2. Squintingly white beaches, protected by reefs (so no big waves for scaredy swimmers like me), that you can drive on for miles and miles.20160108_144446[1]
  3. Amazingly cheap, delicious, calorific and addictive cakes. Luckily the beaches have very few people on them, so looking fat in swimmers is not really an issue.

    Fat fingers resulting from cake consumption
  4. Met 2 great makers – of baskets and hats.  Glenda and Murray’s work is well worth a look (and purchase!). 


  5. I’m being interviewed in a national caravanning magazine – woo hoo!  Hopefully it will encourage more caravanners to stop in at remote outback towns to enjoy some wonderful crafting sessions with the locals.

    2015-10-16 14.02.15
    Mullewa, WA craft group ladies – (l-r) Gwen (doing some rug hooky), Robyn (about to embark on a bag) and Shirley (knitting coat hanger covers and dolly ensembles)
  6. Finally, I will remember Geraldton because of the Finn yarn swatch I knitted then felted in preparation for fulfilling my dream of creating a fiberous teapot.  It felted an incredible 60+% (!!) on row height (amazing!!), and a not too shabby 25% on stitch width.  Thank you Fairfield Finns!


    Oh yessss, shortly I’ll be having lots of touchy feely sessions with this deliciousness on my needles!

2016 – you are comen thru with the goods already!!



  1. Yea for Gero, where I met your splendiferous craftiness. May you felt the miles between us and bring us all to the Exmouth exquisiteness !! ❤️👵👴👸 J&L

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  2. So responsible of you to only take a pic of your fingers Cath, & not the alluring devil-cakes themselves.
    Glendas baskets look beautifully authentic, like she has studied indigenous weaving techniques. I respect her focus on mastering such deceptive simplicity – can’t be easy.
    Murrays hats are also so fab! They’re crazy stylish, great colours, yet look comfy. You gotta love a hat that does its job well, but doesn’t take itself too seriously.
    Your Finn yarn! I think 60% is the highest felting percentage you’ve ever achieved in your many years of felting work, isn’t it cath? I bet you bought TWO whole balls – that’s a caravan stockpile baby! 😄 X!

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    1. FG! You always hit the nail on the head. Yes, it’s time to leave those cakes and look for healthier fare without being continually blindsided by them.
      Yes, I was incredibly lucky to come across such a couple of fabulous makers. Glenda’s baskets really are wonderful, and she uses mixed media (rusty fencing wire, cooch grass, yarn etc.), and Murray’s hats are a one of a kind wearable art, as well as being extremely long lasting. I’m really lucky to have come across yhem – and they were also really forthcoming in their techniques which was wonderful.
      Oh yesss the Finn … I’m just about to start stitching into it, as I can’t seem to keep my hands off it! Such deliciousness … just need (another) small cake and coffee by my side and I’m in heaven!!


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