Deer – oh dear!

Dear oh dear oh dear

My mother often used to say “Oh dear!” when something didn’t go quite as planned.  As in “Cath, oh dear, that cake didn’t turn out as we thought it would – did it?”.  As I’m not a terribly good cook – I heard many ‘oh dear(s)’ growing up.  Also upon being an adult cooking in mum’s house.  However it was these words I uttered when seeing my latest project as I pulled it from the washing machine.  However the positive side is – if you don’t fail you don’t learn.  By this measure, therefore, I reckon I must be hitting genius level!

Here’s how this project’s thought process went:  One day I thought ‘by gosh, a knitted/felted deer head trophy would look just marvellous in my caravan!  I bet not many people have one of those swinging from the overhead cupboards!’.  On reflection, there may be a well-founded reason for this lack of faux taxidermied kitchen sculpturage in mobile abodes.  Nonetheless, having come across this wonderful free pattern by the talented Claire Garland, I thought I’d give it a shot (so to speak!  bit of a hunting pun there …).  I won’t put a photo up of what it should look like – as that would be too embarrassing by far.  Let’s just say ‘oh dear’, and leave it at that.

Notes on learning for next time:

  • Don’t let ego over-ride knitting capabilities
  • Do use yarn ply noted in pattern
  • Do use needle size noted in pattern
  • Do not felt head in washing machine longer than specified in pattern
  • Do not start crying and laughing simultaneously when pulling bedraggled failure from washing machine
  • Do not start eating truckloads of chocolate to sooth bruised ego


On another note, I have been practising my tangely doodles.  I reckon it’s great to keep a record of your progress, then you can go back and do an internal cringe when you see the stuff you thought you did such a great job on – and now realise it left ‘a lot to be desired’, as my maths teacher used to write (nearly every year) on my school reports.

So, dearest makers of crafty things, remember, when you have an ‘oh dear’ moment – you’re just getting smarter

Wishing you the occasional momentus failure,




  1. cath that deers head is a little strange and your drawing is beautiful! i didn’t know u drew. such an arty crafter ain’t ya.
    arn’t u coming over soon? couple days? omg i better start cleaning if u n deb come up. will be great to see you. xxx

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    1. I agree with Trish your drawings are amazing…the deer is a little “oh dear” but out of all your art/craft things I honestly say it is the one and only item that i have ever thought “Oh dear” about ……so you have an amazing track record – one “oh dear’s” out of the whole time I have know you is a pretty good odd…..

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      1. Vera – you are far too kind to me, but it’s great for my ego! Thank you! What are you guys up to? It’s been yrs since I’ve seen you, hopefully you’re all well and happy also!
        Sadly, I wasn’t over east for very long – and am now back in the wintry outback of WA. Hopefully we’ll be able to catch up early in 2017!


  2. Thanks Trashy! Yes, there’s no comen back from that failure I’m afraid. Used my good Finn yarn on it as well which rubbed salt into the wound! Will (most likely) stick to pattern next time. Deb and I will be payen you a visit right soonish Trash – be prepared !.. preferably with something of a sweet nature to nibble on … or could be savoury – or, perhaps – both?? xxxxxx


  3. Lovely tangles Cath! As to the deer’s head, I have seen waaaaaay worse….at least it looks like a deer and not a phallus like some of them do! I really love the stream of consciousness that envisioned a knitted deer’s head in a caravan 😄

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  4. Thanks Wolfberry! Gosh, I was quite heartbroken when it failed the felting – such high hopes that didn’t pan out! Thank heavens it wasnt as bad as the ones you’ve seen (-phallus eh? Gees! 😶😄). My drawings are improving a little (yay!) but it’s my photography skills are what I should really be concentrating on I think.


  5. I love your deer trophy! I don’t get the “fail” at all, it’s hilarious and very cute. I think it would look fantastic on the wall of your caravan. I checked out the free pattern and prefer your slightly more lumpy-antlered deer, real deer don’t have such broad noses as the one in the pattern, look much more like yours…
    Thanks for visiting my blog, I’ll be back to check out more of yours…

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