Crowning a cane toad skin corset

We are currently here.

Best not come here in winter though, as it’s cold and windy – unless you’ve got a caravan, then you’ll also be lucky enough to have the space to make a corset for a 40cm tall articulated dolly of indeterminate gender, just like I did!

Here’s how.


Just chillen in my corset and crown ..
Just chillen in my corset and crown ..

Procure some cane toad leather (mine was paper thin), just be sure to try and get one that has its glands positioned at breast height and width-wise on the doll.  Glue it onto a piece of lightweight nonwoven fabric, making sure there’s quite a bit of extra fabric around the leather.

tmp_644-2016-05-24 14.47.19-283619070
Pattern and the marking around the leather – which still shows the marks where is was stretched out to dry

Make a dartless pattern for the corset using doll’s body measurements, remembering to add allowance for back closure and seam allowances around it’s perimeter, which will be glued down with PVA for strength.  Sit down with a cup of coffee and biccies to reflect and make sure all is well with the pattern.  Taking scissors – cut out corset and glue down the seam allowances.  Sit down with a congratulatory coffee and chockies if it’s all working to plan; otherwise hit the alcohol cabinet.

Soldering iron worked marvelously on lacing holes!
Soldering iron worked marvelously on lacing holes!

Closure was done on the back by burning holes into the nonwoven with husband’s brand new soldering iron, making sure the fabric is folded 3 times on each side where holes are positioned – for strength.  Also making sure husband is not in vicinity due to his anxiety levels that wonderful wife will somehow harm his tools (wrong!  ..well, not very often..).  Thread ribbon through the newly created holes.  Stand back and admire your work, whilst deciding what sort of suspender-idge you’ll need for the stockings, and how on earth you are going to make them.


It doesn't take long to whip up one of these little beauties!
It doesn’t take long to whip up one of these little beauties!

Why not make a bejeweled crown whilst you’re at it?  Just get hold of a 2mm crochet hook and some 0.3mm copper wire, thread on some beads, then do a round of chain to fit the doll’s head.  A row of double crochet into the chain, then 3 rows of double crochet for the central point, decreasing at both ends of each row – whilst randomly sliding a bead or two into your work.  Do a couple of minor points on each side for balance.  Satisfactorily gaze at the crowning glory you’ve created.

… now to work out the bottom half of this ensemble …

Create anything – anywhere, that’s my new motto!

Best wishes on your creations all going to plan or, at least, your drinks cabinet is well stocked..

Kind regards,




  1. cath u are so creative! who would think to do that with toad leather? have only seen purses before. crown is nice too, i will one day crochet a crown for myself with silver wool and wear shopping. (nice pattern on pinterest)
    love me xxxx

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  2. Thanks Trishy! I am rather pleased how it turned out, and am quietly chuffed that I remembered how to transfer dart allowances from the centre front to the centre back of the pattern. Yes, every girl needs to make at least 1 crown in their lives – and that’s a brilliant idea to throw it on then go shopping in it!


  3. Hey Cathy, I’m wondering if the chicken or the egg came first! Did you see the leather piece with glands first and get the idea because of the gland placement or did you go looking for a corset for the doll? Either way ,beautiful work xxxx Simone

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    1. Simone thank you! I saw the leather, thought it was really pretty and wondered what I could make to show off it’s lovelyness. With the glands looking like bra cups it all became clear what it should be. I’m really happy you like it also! 😄xxxx


  4. Cath, does the corset come in ladies size 16-18?! I love the jewel colour and the tiny itsy weeny details. Well done! Arnt you currently carrying a hand tremble & dodgy finger injuries? So focused! Trashy’ll find out the hard way that the locals don’t hold wiv no crown-wearin on the mid north coast. Espesh not at Woolies. That’s a Melbourne thang.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Deb, unfortunately I’d have to find the dinasorus caneus toadus species from the jurassic period to make one of these in that size! .. but, you never know what the op shops may stock. Thanks for noting current finger and hand disabilities, which do ‘t seem to be improving damnit! Deb, I have to applaud Trish for tryen to bring a bit of Melbournian kulcha to kmc’s woolies – someone has to start the trend!


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