Crafting in the bush

We are currently here:

We’ve been caravaning around (predominantly) Western Australia for about 14 months now, and have seen some really funny things – like a truly angry emu chasing a terrified steer through the bush (have no idea how the steer upset it so much); a Dutch gentleman, whose visa had almost run out, camping on the side of a remote rocky outcrop in the middle of nowhere trying to extract precious metals from electronic waste whilst living in his converted fish freezer truck – pondering on ways of finding an Aussie bride; and a little camouflaged desert lizard with so much bravado, I just had to smile at the little fellow’s awesomeness.  I thought you may be interested in a pic collage of my desert doings – with a dose of craftage (of course!).

Due to the current wet weather, we’re staying put in the tiny township of Leinster, along with many other caravanners waiting to move on.  Wet weather in the outback can be a bugger when travelling, as all roads are dirt except for highways, so even the road trains that haul their enormous bodies from mine to processing plant – which may be a couple of 100kms away – use a 4 to 6 lane-wide dirt road.  If you’re caught using these roads when they’re wet (a bit difficult to disguise due to deep wheel-rutted tracks left by your tyres), then you’re liable for heavy fines.  So we’re waiting for the roads to dry out before ‘heading bush’ again.  However with all this rain the promise of a bumper wildflower season is definitely on the cards.  Come August I’m hoping to be knee-deep in desert blooms – yay for me!

One big problem for me out here is simply taking the dog for a walk – she is always on a lead due to an eagle taking her from above, eating a poisioned bait laid for wild dogs, or being bitten by a snake or spider.  Going to the toilet in the bush is also problematic as the landscape is so sameish – if I loose sight of the van there are no trees or hills to climb to gauge where it is, no cars passing by to ask for directions, it can all get tricky just when you least expect it.  Now I always wear a ‘Backtracker’, for van-finding ease.

I’ve been diligently knitting and improving my campfire cooking skills. Oh yes, I can now successfully bake bread wrapped in double-aluminium foil in ashes, rice pudding, date and apple cake, carrot and goji  berry cake .. and even more things .. but shan’t bore you further.  Needless to say my breadaholic/carbaholic husband is in 7th heaven.  However it’s not doing my thighs any favours!

Hoping your passion is making you as happy as mine is,





  1. What a wonderful post! I secretly thought the Outback was all gibber desert n animal skeletons, poison thorns & stingers in your underpants….there are Eagles!?knee deep in wild flowers!?CAMPFIRE CAKES!
    Also I’m lovin that knitted Deb. Not surprising really that such a glamorous name would transform into such becoming knitted articles.
    Please share many more pics of fire-bakery product (& Ralph’s growing tummy)ok.
    KissYou X!

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  2. Deb – thanks for your appreciation, especially of your knitted name😁! It’s true that undies can catch onto the odd thorn, which make it a tad painfully surprising. My campfire cooking skills are on fire though – woo hoooo!!


  3. great post cath. loving the pics. (wish i could say something kind about the knitted name but the sibling rivalry is preventing me). that bread looks fab! campfire cooking. fuel value of different timbers. bush survival skills. what an educational lifestyle you’re leading. hope the weather doesn’t slow youse down too long. xxx

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  4. Simply wow Cath! Can’t believe it has already been 14 months of adventures. I remember discussing a 3 year trip and you are almost half-way through. You will need more time to discover this vast land. All looks really awesome but for now I will just continue to dream.

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  5. Hi Cathy, great post. Love your take on things and such lovely photos. Wow! 14 months, that’s pretty amazing to be slowly moving around our wonderful country whilst doing your beloved craft…….good on you. Intetesting your requirement to wear The Backtraker, we certainly can’t have you getting lost out there. Poor Boo, seems you have your hands full there, I hope she stays safe.
    Take Care Cathy and I look forward to your next post. Cheers Jenny.

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    1. Thanks Jen! By crickey time flies – I never thought I’d last this long in a van, let alone forced chocolate abstinence due to extreme shop driving distances (..possibly a good thing tho..!). I do hope all those grandchildren are keeping you out of mischief, and looking forward to seeing you in late 2016/early 2017!


  6. Hey Cath, will you ever return home? Sounds like you and Ralph may become permanent nomads. Love your work as usual….and Julie is only two letters longer than Deb to knit….Jxx

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