More ring pulls and haircut-reducing IQ

Our caravan is currently parked here:


The abbreviation ‘W.A.’ doesn’t just note the state of Australia, it also notes its weather condition.  Windy Always.  It can be very, very windy; very windy; or windy.  Always.  Which certainly aids in cooling you down during the hot weather and keeps the flies at bay.  Caravan trumps tent though!

Carnarvon, W.A.

This township is just over 900kms north of Perth on the coast.  With the Indian ocean’s vast expanse on its doorstep there’s an abundance of fresh seafood in this little township of 4,500 permanent residents (2011 census).  It also lies beside the Gascoyne river, which for most of the year, looks like a very large, dry, sandy river bed – but belies the enormous amount of water beneath it.  The Gascoyne enables this area to produce most of Perth’s winter vegetables, and has large banana and tomato plantations.  A destination for many a backpacker in the winter months due to the amount of seasonal work, climate and things to see and do.  It also has 2 of my favourite cafes – The Galleon and One Mile Jetty.

Space & technology museum

This wonderful attraction is run entirely by volunteers.  It’s dish, though no longer in use, assisted in beaming images back from the Moon Landing, and is well worth setting aside a few hours to have a look at and marvel at the primitive technology that (apparently..!) got man onto our lunar satellite.

Blow holes

About 70kms north are the ‘blow holes’, roaring like a steam train and jetting water up to 20 meters.  There’s also a lovely shallow bay to swim and snorkel in before heading up to the lighthouse for a great view over the area.

IQ-reducing haircut

My hair’s been growing like crazy lately, so thought I’d give it a cut.  Husband, who just happened to be passing by at the time I was getting the embroidery/hair scissors out, said “How about I cut it for you”.  “OK”, I foolishly replied.  This judgemental mistake meant it took about 2.5 minutes to lose approximately two thirds of my IQ.  Meaning, the bowl-like fringe he quickly and concisely gave me – made me look like a girlfriend to one of the Dumb & Dumber guys.  Luckily most of my friends and relatives are on the other side of the country and cannot see the horrendousness of it.  I tried to fix it and, well, now I permanently wear a hat..


Ring pull messenger handbag

Luckily you don’t need to be good looken to craft a ring pull handbag – woo hooo!!  Nearly 1000 ring pulls were single crocheted together and finally here it is!  Total cost about $10, including the $2 leather belt from a charity shop I used as the bag’s gusset (the strap is from another hand bag).  It may have taken a few months to gather the ring pulls and another month to make – but I’m pretty chuffed with the result.

Knitted shawl

I’m pretty sure I hold the title of Procrastinating Queen of the Uniburse.  Due to this enormous burden I try not to start any large crafty projects, lest they end up half finished, 2 years later, in the rubbish bin.  Tentatively I approached this free Ravelry pattern by the talented Justyna Lorkowska , but needn’t have worried as it had just the right balance of interest and knitting speed to satisfy even my (age-inflicted!) Attention Deficit Disorder.

Each edge on this triangular shawl (knitted with 100gr sock yarn) is different – and it’s easy to remember the pattern repeats.  Yay!!

Each edge of the shawl is different
.. and it’s not complicated to remember!

Knitted Christmas tree

I also thought I’d knit another Christmas tree, as you do when it’s getting towards the pointy end of the year.  This pattern was adapted from one that Bottheka kindly posted on Ravelry a couple of years ago.  It’s the only one I’ve found that can be knitted to whatever length, in whatever gauge – for whatever tree size the knitter desires.  Added bonus – can be put up and taken down and stashed in the small space of a caravan.  [Note wonky coffee pod star adorning the top – thanks Les and Norma!]

Carnarvon Crafters

If any visitor to Carnarvon needs a crafty pick-me-up – then a meeting with this group is a must!  For a small fee you will be in the company of some lovely like-minded ladies who are more than willing to share their crafting knowledge, from hyperbolic crochet and knitted hump back whales to a scarf knitted from 4,500 to 5,000 tea bag strings!  Be sure to be in the Carnarvon area around mid-2018 when the whole of down town Carnarvon will be kitted out in their aquatic themed yarn creations!

Other stuff

You may be interested in these links – if you have a few hours up your sleeve ..

Parallelfunk – felting – done really, really well (German)

Howsweeteats – cooking – the most DELICIOUS food (no calorie counters in sight).  OMG.

Thisiscolossal – art/craft/design – where you go to see totally awesome stuff.  Check out their shop [note to my siblings:  feel free to spend lots of money on me here .. if you love me ..!!]

Have a totally awesome festive season,






  1. wow you’ve been busy lil cath! loving the bag, its amazing!
    hopefully you’ve learned not to let ralph cut your hair EVA again! btw i can’t really see it under the hat, thankfully! (had mine cut other day is now bob shape, pretty bleh but its growing)
    i must say u r looking slender and i think thats my ex-shirt u r wearing which looks much better on you! outrage!
    there will be no xmas tree of any kind in this house, xmas is banned here. thats not my decision, tim and akira decided many yrs ago really, point is, it lets me off xmas presents.
    sounds like you’ve found a bunch of crafty broads like yourself there and a couple decent coffee shops?! heaven? but its too far away for a permanent home. just sayin.
    love to ralphus and boo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Trashy! I am also luven my bag – it took many drafts.. U r right, that is yr hand-me-down shirt – am luven et! Hair is currently half mullet style (rool, rool bad..). Xmas at yr house is same as in my van – non existent except for knitted foliage. Carnarvon excellent location (& population!) for craftidge, cafes also very good.
      Love to Tim, Akira an Freddy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooo


  2. Hello Cath, the bag is amazing!
    It takes some extra time to translate some words, but it is so funny and i want understand all. Dont worry about your hair when your new bag iswith you. Nowbody will look at your hair.
    Thanks for the link to my blog.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Your bag is beautiful! Such gorgeous precision, such perserverence, so much thinking involved! Also mucho searching, collecting & prep of the materials before you could even begin it, I would imagine.
    It looks cool & high-end Cath and im amazed ( apologies) that it is both “craft” & ” recycled”.
    Is that a red ringpull you’ve included there? So fukinsei Grasshopper!!
    Is a gorg shawl pattern too.
    I beg you to consult a professional hairdresser. Ralph has to be held responsible – please call the cops.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. FG – you are spot on right with the enormous amount of prep for the bag so I’m glad it turned out OK – but it makes me wonder if you’ve not made one yourself .. hmm? Quite possibly by the sounds!
    Hairdresser sounds like best option … right after I drop Ralph off at the cop shop.😉💋💋💋


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