About me ..


I retired on 1 April 2015, April Fool’s Day.  I can’t believe I was a fool to work for so long – if I didn’t have to eat and pay bills I would have retired much, much earlier – but the necessities of life kept getting in the way.

So, am now doing what many retired folk do – caravan around the country for a while, chasing the warmer weather, reflecting on life and my ever growing bucket list.

As my craft passion is bordering on the obsessive, when we arrive at any little outback town – I always try to attend that town’s craft group meeting, which is normally held weekly (usually on the day before I arrive, or just after I’ve left!).  Doing this broadens both my craft skillset, and hopefully helps to broaden theirs as well.  However a chat with like minded ladies while knitting with a good cup of tea accompanied with some local gossip is like a group hug for my soul.  I really do enjoy them.

Creating is a continuous learning experience.   The more I know – the more I realize I don’t know.  So the more I have to do.  Most of it is around knitting and felting, mainly small(ish) objects, and I would probably achieve far more if I didn’t have a Pinterest addiction.

So, thanks very kindly for taking the time to drop by to see what I’ve been doing, and hope your crafting makes you as happy (ecstatic, frustrated, angry, jubilant etc.)  as it makes me. 😢☺😊😀😂😠😭

With warm regards,




  1. Hi Cath, miss our chitchats, our crafty passion for fishing came to an abrupt end in Perth. A giant tree fell on the cruiser and the boat. After all that polishing !! 😡 Still loving the nest tho no bird, naughty pussy perhaps, 😺


  2. Hi Cath, enjoyed meeting you at Ayr Sailean & have been enjoying your blog! Dot passed on one of your cards 😉 Would have liked to have had more time there to get out the craft box there… Check out my FB page http://www.thetravelmakers.com for our eclectic mix of creations 🙂 Hope you’re in a beaut spot & greetings to Ralph.

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    1. Sophie! What a wonderful surprise! Thank you so kindly for contacting me, I do hope you and your family are all well, happy and enjoying the travels – pls say hello to them from me. Thanks so much for sending me yr fb page so I can see what yr all up to! Fabulous stuff!!


      1. oh dear… and btw, the link auto updated to something different above: my page is facebook.com/thetravelmakersAU/ 🙂


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